Is a Braun or Philips Shaver the Best?

Both Braun and Philips make excellent men’s and women’s shavers, and both companies have been around for several decades. Both brands offer a variety of model numbers with numerous features. Most are cordless and rechargeable, and some have cleaning stations. Shavers in each brand may offer LED display panels, sensitive to turbo power adjustments, battery indicators, and other useful features to make shaving simpler in the morning. This is a very hard task to decide which brand makes the best electric shaver.

Many people who are shopping for a new shaver may be confused as to which brand is better. Let’s examine the different features to see how they compare for both brands.

Braun doesn’t promote their wet and dry feature as the most important of their shavers. Their shavers are sold as high-quality models with desirable cleaning and charging stations to simplify the task of cleaning and maintenance.

Philips does like to heavily promote their wet and dry shavers, and they even have a special name for this tech: AquaTec, or water technology. Apparently the shaver does well with or without water or shaving gels or foams.

The next difference is perhaps in the types of shaving heads. Braun promotes an extensive line of foil-style shavers, while Panasonic has mostly rotary-head styles. While the rotary shaver is best for a man who has a regular thickness and length of stubble, a foil shaver is good for men who have thin stubble or who shave on a daily basis. The very nature of a foil style shaver is more comfortable than a rotary shaver. The foil shaver may be best for a teen or a senior, while the middle-aged man might prefer a rotary shaver.

Braun shavers has their Clean and Charge station. This station takes alcohol-based cleaning cartridges which sterilize the shaver and help to prevent skin infections. Some of their cleaning stations do more than clean, lubricate, and charge, they can also dry.

Philips shavers has its Smart Clean Plus system. They also have a station that dries, but instead of alcohol-based cartridges, they use an alcohol-free type. This promises to be gentler to the skin.

Braun promises that their shavers will last for years. They offer spare parts, so you can replace the head every year to extend its life. Philips also offers spare head replacements for their rotary shavers, though they can be a bit pricier, as the rotary heads are more complex. They have similar warranties.

Many people may choose the shaver brand that they have trusted in the past. The rotary head versus the foil head can also be your major deciding point. Most men who prefer one or the other aren’t pleased when they make a switch.

Perhaps you want to base your final decision on the individual features of the model numbers you are considering. A large on/off button or an LED/LCD readout panel may be important to you.

You really can’t go wrong with either brand. As long as you spend over $100 on a good shaver, you’re going to be pleased with the performance of either the Braun or the Philips shaver.

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Finally, An Affordable Oculus Go Wireless VR Headset

Many people enjoy playing video games and immersing themselves into VR—Virtual Reality—fantasy worlds. But often these games have excluded the average gamer. They’re expensive, and often only enjoyed at your rich friend’s house, at gaming conventions, or in electronics shops. But once VR seeps into the major consumer market, this new gaming tech should become more affordably priced for everyone.

Oculus Go is their newest release. It’s believed that it will push VR tech into the mainstream.

In the past, VR devices were tethered to a machine. This required a big power-consuming console. Not only was there the chance you’d trip over the cords, but that the big bulky headset would fall off at an intensive moment during the game. Today, VR is now a part of smart phone technology, making it more affordable. All that’s required is your gaming app, a reasonably new smart device, and a good headset.

Mobile headsets are essential to a good VR game. They allow the user to immersive themselves fully into a new environment. Currently, they’re limited by smartphone specs and battery life.

It’s believed that standalone headsets will be the future of VR. Oculus Go may not be the first device of its kind, but it provides an accessible way to play the game, and gives us high-quality graphics. Oh, and it’s also backed by Facebook marketing too.

Oculus Go should hit the market in May 2018. The company has just began showing it at electronics conferences.

The new headset will have a price tag of $200, placing it within reach of many consumers who couldn’t afford the earlier versions.

One concern of the older headsets was that they didn’t fit all shapes and sizes of heads. The new Oculus Go is not only lighter, it’s more comfortable to wear. People with tinier heads will appreciate it’s new design. It can also be adjusted, if you’re sharing with your family. There is a small gap at the bottom that allows you to see objects in real life, but as the game starts, it’ll disappear and place you in an entirely immersive world.

The headset comes with a small controller, and it has a wrist strap so you can easily find it if you drop it. It has a touch-sensitive thumb pad with two buttons. The controller works well as a motion stick. It’s nice and accurate, and smooth too. There are few unnecessary extras in the headset or the controller.

The games you can play with this new headset include Anshar Online and They Suspect Nothing.

The Oculus Go VR Headset will bring virtual gaming reality to more people. And the ability to use it with their smart phones is also going to be popular. While the $200 price tag is still a bit steep, it’s much more affordable than past VR technology. It’ll be exciting to see all the new games and experiences that gaming companies are going to create for it over the next few months.

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